Aspers Casino Aspire Card

Aspers Casino were looking to introduce
a loyalty card scheme called ‘Aspire’. I created
the concept which utilised the iconic ‘A’ device from
their main logo to create a new identity for
Aspire which linked to the brand heritage. Alongside
this I created the loyalty cards and POS examples.

Aspers casino_1.jpg
Aspers casino_2.jpg
Aspers casino_8.png
Aspers casino_4.jpg

As you enter Aspers casino the first POS is an escalator leading to the entrance. I introduced a concept of placing a POS design on the handrail of the escalators showcasing the new Aspire card.
This idea literally places the card in the hands of the consumer even before they enter the casino.

Aspers casino_7.jpg
Aspers casino_6.jpg